About Frank

Frank Dubberke is the founder and artistic director of WADOKYO.

He was trained as a taiko player in Japan and he teaches taiko drumming in workshops and seminars of the WADOKYO Taiko Academy. As a teacher, he focusses on conveying a holistic view and practice of taiko drumming and on playing the O-daiko.

What is most important to him is feeling the drum and becoming one with it – fun and expressive performance instead of reproducing rehearsed patterns and techniques – heart and soul instead of brain racking.

His experience in the field of Asian martial arts and athletics made him question tradition and leave unhelpful patterns behind. His yearly stays in Japan and the resulting contacts with Japanese artists and unconventional thinkers contributed a lot to his development and inspired him to create the WADOKYO style. Ever since, he has been working towards the integration of Japanese drumming into our European concept of culture.

“For me, taiko is the heartbeat of life – a pulsating force, which permeates everything.” (Frank Dubberke)