About Jeannette

Jeannette Petersen, Düsseldorf

Curriculum Vitae

  • Academic studies of Architecture at TU Dortmund, degree: Graduate Engineer
  • Traineeship at the Ministry of Construction and Living, degree: Government  Building Officer
  • Self-employed as an Architect
  • Simultaneous training as a Body Vitality Coach
  • Training as Taiko Performer in Japan, Takefu
  •  Founder of Taiko Academy Düsseldorf
  • 15 years of experience as a Taiko trainer and leader
  • Passionate player & trainer
  • Loves to walk new paths
  • Loves to enchant people and bring beauty into their lives

Jeannette was born the youngest of three siblings. From an early age on, right from the cradle, she touched people in their hearts.

Inspired by her self-employed parents who creatively designed and lived their own lives as well as family life, she has been going her own way in life from young age onwards. Her motto “everything is possible” has been carrying her through all of her life. Always looking for the depth and soul behind things, she has been travelling much and feels like a world-wanderer and world-transformer.

Everything is rhythm, everything has a soul and is carried by a great love – sharing this with the world is of great meaning to her.

Her intense connection to Japan and Italy brought her to Taiko, the Art of Japanese Drumming. The drums’ magic touched her so deeply that from then on she has put all of her passion and enthusiasm into the development of Taiko, thus passing on the Art of Drumming in the Taiko Academy and WADOKYO.

Her vision is to touch and move hearts in such a way that people will rediscover their own life spark and will begin to follow the path of discovering their own integrity.

Through Taiko she got to know her former husband  partner, Frank Dubberke. Since then, the two of them have been going for their vision – touching the hearts of people with Taiko – unleashing their impulses and thus creating more joy, passion and team spirit in the world.


Since their break-up as lovers they have remained deeply connected, walking the path of heart together and, more than ever, carrying Taiko into the world.