“TAIKO is the heartbeat of life, a pulsating force that permeates everyone and everything.” Jeannette Peterson and Frank Dubberke, founders of WADOKYO

What is Taiko?

“A vibrant artistic synthesis of power, fun and passion!”

Among all the musical traditions of the people of the world, there is probably none which is a more massive force than Taiko – the ancient art of Japanese drumming. No other art of drumming is able to touch so many senses at once.

Taiko has been accompanying people for many centuries and has lost nothing of its original power. Quite the contrary – with logical reasoning and efficiency determining our everyday lives, there is a growing longing for emotionality, expression and community. All of these qualities are embodied by WADOKYO – a modern expression of the ancient art of Taiko Drumming.

What is WADOKYO?

WADOKYO was founded in 2000 by Frank Dubberke in Düsseldorf, Germany, the city with the largest Japanese community within Europe. It’s a unique group of drummers with high ideals. Philosophie.

The affiliated Taiko Academy is also based on Dusseldorf under the leadership of Jeannette Petersen Link.

There has always been a special kind of fascination emanating from WADOKYO – almost like a charm to which one cannot remain indifferent. Archaic and powerful beats, pulsating drums, fun as well as the drummers’ willingness to go to their physical limits – this unique composition awards a special kind of magic and magnetic attraction to WADOKYO.

Not only is it the sound of the drums which immediately captivates the audience – it’s also the drummers’ energy, their irrepressible fun and emotionality which has been earning them thunderous applause and excitement everywhere.

The synthesis of passion and aesthetics is what makes this European Taiko ensemble so appealing. They have developed their very own modern and globally appreciated Taiko style. These days, WADOKYO is successfully touring around the world and has become well known even in Japan, where their own path of Taiko began.

The world of WADOKYO is thrilling and diversified. It’s the result of their quest for extraordinary performance – in everything they do. Their style is pioneering in Europe and has not only a soul but excellent quality as well. The drummers of WADOKYO are taking themselves and their fans seriously – and this can be felt in every beat.

What Does WADOKYO Do?

WADOKYO offers performances in Germany and tours internationally to the delight of our foreign fans. We provide entertainment to the public through festivals, concerts and private occasions, and to the corporate sector as well. WADOKYO has wowed audiences in such venues as:


The MegaClever Show,  ARD, ZDF, SAT 1, PRO 7, WDR, MDR


Allianz, Audi, Barclay, Bayer AG, BenQ, Boston Consulting, Daihatsu, Daikin, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Eisai, ESPRIT, Essilior, Fuji, Generali Versicherungen, Hitachi, Honda-Deutschland, HSBC, Hugo Boss, Hyundai, IBM, IHK, Kayaga, Komatsu, Komori, Konika, Lexus, Loreal, Lufthansa, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Kortrijk, Messe Leipzig, Motorpresse, Minolta, Neckermann, NISSAN, Novartis, Philips, Postbank, Raiffeisenbank, Sensai/Kanebo, Sony, Swisscom, T-Mobile, Toyota, Vodafone, VW, Voith, Würth, Yokogawa, 3M


Wolkenkratzer-Festival, Wushu-Gala, Wolfgangsee-Cup, Roncalli und dem „Sommernachtstraum“,  „Jazz- und Weltmusikfestival“, Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Centurions, Müngersdorfer Stadion Spieleröffung (American Football), IDO, Orgelfestival, Japan.Gesellschaft Bonn, Berlin Friedrichstadtpalast „Goldenen Henne“, „Festival der Sinne“, „Bundesvision Song Contest“ (Stefan Raab) mit Cassandra Steen,

Our affiliated Taiko Academy trains students in a holistic approach to music including the ancient art of Taiko, energy awareness, fitness, self-confidence, collaboration and power.