Tell me, and I'll forget it. Show it to me and I will remember it. Involve me and I will understand!

The WADOKYO Taiko Academy was founded in 2003 Frank Dubberke and Jeannette Petersen for all curious people who have a passion for power, fun and community. WADOKYO is a new expression of the ancient art of Taiko Drumming. WADOKYO and the Taiko Academy integrate Taiko – a Japanese form of percussion using large drums – with a modern cultural awareness of our western heritage, thus anchoring new holistic values that transform the obsolete social worldview. The WADOKYO Academy is located in Düsseldorf, Germany at the WADOKYO Dojo. In addition to teaching Japanese Taiko drumming, we incorporate mindfulness, team spirit, health, motivation and self-esteem at all levels – from the novice to the professional.

Founders Frank Dubberke  and Jeannette Pettersen  have a unique vision for their students that does not end with the performance:

We promote “Team” instead of individual ego…
…mindfulness and respect instead of competition
…integration rather than isolation.

We include attributes that enhance all of life such as team, fun, community, mindfulness, respect, personal power, feminine and masculine energy, and global awareness.

The Taiko Academy is for people who are looking for something special, a platform where they can express their individuality in community and have the opportunity to experience their own greatness and beauty. The drums lead the way.

The WADOKYO Academy Offers:

  • Weekly Experiential Trainings for all Levels and Ages
  • Taiko Courses at Schools
  • One-Day Workshops
  • Multi-Day workshops
  • WADOKYO Retreat in Tuscany
  • WADOKYO Trainer Certificate

Here’s How to Get Started:

We provide a 2 hour Beginners Workshop where we teach the basics of the WADOKYO Taiko style. This workshop will provide you an introduction to the energy and community of WADOKYO Taiko. You will experience the power of connection while you … and have fun!