Wadokyo Philosophy

WADOKYO is a new expression of the ancient art of taiko – Japanese drumming.

WADOKYO stands for sound and harmony – more precisely: for a sound that results from a harmonious coexistence.

WADOKYO is more than just drumming.
WADOKYO is a vibrant force that permeates everything.
WADOKYO is an impulse generator for the heartbeat of your life.
WADOKYO is music, sports, meditation and entertainment.
WADOKYO is courage, trust, respect and love.
WADOKYO awakens the joie de vivre.

WADOKYO offers you one of the greatest gifts of our time, a time characterized by streamlined and fast-paced processes in which a new value and world view is urgently needed. WADOKYO gives you powerful moments of mindfulness, you experience yourself more and more again as a holistic being, as part of a big “whole”. WADOKYO promotes teamwork rather than ego, integration rather than isolation, and has set itself the task of integrating taiko into European cultural heritage and bringing new integral values ​​and awareness.


WADOKYO stands for the following values:

• We love power.
• We love fun.
• We love the sound of the drums.
• We love quality.
• We love challenges.
• We love openness.
• We love clarity.
• We love communication.
• We love beauty.
• We love service.
• We love people.
• We love the community.
• We love respect.
• We love mindfulness.
• We love conscious thinking, speaking and acting.
• We love responsibility.
• We love action.
• We love visions.
• We love good teams.
• We love the life.
• We love happy customers

And if you find yourself here again, there is nothing in the way of cooperation.

WADOKYO offers you one of the greatest gifts of our time. In this fast-paced era of rationalized and hectic processes, WADOKYO gives powerful moments of mindfulness.

In a society in which a new image of values ​​and the world is urgently needed, you find out more and more in WADOKYO as a holistic being, as part of a big “whole”. We promote team instead of ego and integration instead of isolation.

WADOKYO has set itself the task of integrating the Taiko into the European cultural heritage and to convey new holistic values ​​and awareness and to anchor it in our “obsolete” social world view.