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Here is our current “SHOTÓ” Workshop Schedule for 2017

All registrations please contact workshop@wadokyo.de

Workshop Schedule 2017

Workshop 4: “The Rhythms of Tokyo” with Mariko Kubota-Sallandre (conductor WADAIKO-Makoto)  (WS-4 booked!)

Level: Advanced (1-2 years Taiko Praxis)

Sunday December 3, 2017
1 pm – 3 pm

8 participants, both workshops

FEE: 90 €, in combination with concert ticket: 70 €

(Naname in Japanese) Based on “DON tsu ku tsu TON”, this workshop insists on a good posture of the lower half of the body, the arms and the moment of the movement and helps to learn some rhythms on this basis – a classic and the epitome of Oedo Sukeroku Taiko, the modern Taiko formation based in Tokyo.

Workshop 5: “Taiko Motion” by Frank Dubberke (conductor WADOKYO)

Level: Advanced (2-3 years Taiko practice)
Sunday December 3, 2017
13-15 hours

20 participants

FEEt: 90 €, in combination with concert ticket: 70 €

It is a piece from the WADOKYO repertoire, with the characteristics typical of WADOKYO, such as power, dynamics and lightness. In the workshop the basic aspects of the efficient movement in the WADOKYO style will be incorporated.


All workshops take place in the Dojo of the Taiko Academy in Düsseldorf. The number of places is limited, they will be given after the registration. For a binding reservation please send a mail with name and address and the desired workshop directly to the Taiko Academy: workshop@wadokyo.de. The fee will be due in advance.